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Short Story About Our Company

We provide online computer education for getting started with courses and skills that will help you to be better at whatever you do.
  1. time-line
    Sep, 2012
    We got our first order

    It was the first order for doing educational video project along with the whole online education course management system. We didn't have enough resources and not much experience at that time to finish the work within given limits. We grouped together a team of 30 people and we completed it within limitations of time and budget. It was one of the most challenging project but also one of the most satisfying. It was so much fun, We loved it !

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    Apr, 2013
    Formation of the Company

    We started earning decent amount money and started spending on different projects as well. We recruited telented people to work with us, we learned a lot together and built better tools that helped us to do better at serving our customers. And while this all was happening we realized we needed a Private Limited company so we registered one.

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    Jul, 2013
    Launched Courses in Hindi & Updated Courses

    Our Business Customers were demanding our courses to be taught in Hindi. And as an obedient and sincere service provider we listened to them. We started from scratch for these new line of courses in Hindi and along the way realized our older videos also needed to be a little more polished so we updated them too.

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    Feb, 2015
    Launched Android Application

    The growth of Mobile Internet usage in the country opened a new gateway for users of our online courses. We wanted to take our service mobile for a very long time but in early 2015 it finally happened. We developed & published our Android Application and all our users appreciated the simpler interface and ease of use so much that we got all 5 Star Ratings for our Apps and our B2B Customers loved it !

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    Aug, 2015
    More than 50 Clients (B2B) on Board

    For more than a year our engineers were busy working on a different project as well but our Rockstar sales team was totally focused on expanding our B2B business so after just about 2 years we had more than 50 business customers on board, which motivated us allocate more resources into our business development business.

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    Mar, 2016
    More than 70 Clients (B2B) on Board

    With some of our new offerings and a better understanding of distribution we moved fast in these 6 months which accelerated our growth rate. We have seen a rise in inquiries and demand for our service accross India and we were equipped to fulfill it; the result was more than 20 new business customers inspite of festive seasions.

  7. time-line
    Oct, 2016
    New Website & Spoken English

    We understood the growth potential of eEducation and the impact it can have. In few months we developed even better tools to advance our services and business processes. We published our New Website along with much demanded courses like spoken english and Online Office tools as well as a completely new learning experience.


We believe life is all about experiences and the more we learn from it the richer life becomes.

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates



We are passionate about improving quality in everything we do; from the fonts on this page to the Apps that we build.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit" - Aristotle



Our users love us because we are always ready to change our services and business models that suits the needs of the time.

"Change is the only constant in life" - Heraclitus

Valuable Services

Some people provide good value to earn money, we earn money to provide better values.

Dedicated Team

We are a team of engineers interested in technologies and it's potentials not in foreign jobs.

Excellent Support

Our customers love the kind of support we provide because no matter how trivial the issue, we take it sincerely.

Our Vision

Almost everyone complains about how bad the current education system is, we are trying to make it better.

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Our Users Say

It helped me to learn computer things that I thought I'll never use, but now It helps me alot in my work.
Jagdish Solanki
Business Owner
This helped me in clearing alot of my concepts about programming in PHP and Javascript
Kuldip Gajjar
Engineering Student
I am a teacher and I can see many of benefits of e education and SchoolPlus is doing great work.
Kamal Parmar
Through your Online Videos I learned alot of new things which I enjoyed teaching my kids.
Hetal Prabhakar