Benefits for Housewives


Operating a Computer

Most of the women in our country are housewives having little or no knowledge of computers; this was acceptable in the past but as new services are coming up with growing IT sector - it has become very important to understand and use at least the basics computer skills.

And since today most homes in bigger and smaller cities have computers/laptops, being able to operate a computer bring many benefits to the daily life and makes a lot of work much easier; let it be managing monthly budget, recording grocery expenses, writing cooking recipes, arranging photographs or reading eBooks, there is lot that housewives can do over a computer. We provide basics computer courses that can help housewives to learn these skills easily with practical demonstrations.

Accessing Internet Services

Now a days a lot of services are coming online like, online shopping, paying bills, booking tickets, arranging housekeeping services and selling/buying second hand households etc. We think that knowing about these services is one thing but actually using these services is different.

Without basic understanding of internet and how to access these services; they are of no use. In our course library we have a lot of lessons for learning these things which will really help housewives to learn these skills in their spare time.


Teaching your kids

We all know computers and IT is everywhere and our kids will have to use computers so teaching our kids about computers and what they can do with them will help them to be better at whatever they want to be later in their career.

If you don’t understand these basic things you will not be able to teach those things to your kids. Of course schooling and conventional classes are options but when the child learn from their parents in their house it will have a totally different effect and this is a great reason to start learning