Benefits for Students


Primary School

In primary schools around the country most of the students are taught basic concepts of computer operating and fundamentals of internet along with it’s benefits.

These skills are very useful for their study and serve as foundation for further development. We provide many of these useful courses which make it very easy to learn these skills and really basic concepts with "How to" steps so that kids can learn practical applications of the lessons they learn in the class.

High School

Sudents in the secondary school have to learn a lot of different things in their computer studies. These lessons are based on the basic understanding they have acquired during their primary education, these lessons include Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and other MS Office applications along with some basic programming knowledge.

Many school curriculums include working on projects that require internet related skillset for example knowledge about Wikipedia, Searching for various educational content, working online and celebrating with others. We provide the same “How to” videos for all of the courses and skills mentioned above that way it provides an easy revision as well as practical explanation of the lessons they learn in school.


Under Graduates

All College students should be capable enough to operate a computer and perform the task required in their studies.

Along with that in courses like B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.B.A. and their respective master degree courses there are some common computer applications like researching on internet, preparing reports, preparing presentation, statistical modelling, collaborating online with their peers.

Since these things are not too hard to learn or understand colleges do not include these skills in their curriculum that’s why most of the students have to figure these things out by themselves or join a computer class. Some commerce degree courses require students to learn accounting software like Tally/MS Excel/MS Access. We provide all of these courses in way that students can learn how to do these things very easily & quickly.

Computer Applications

Degree Courses related computer applications like BCA, MCA, MScIT heavily rely on practical understanding of computer software development skills.

We provide a wide range of these courses that include various programming languages, scripting languages, web design and development, database, mobile application development and security. These skills are not only required to obtain a degree but they are highly valuable in terms of getting a job in ever expanding IT industry.



Any engineering degree or diploma course require students to have adequate knowledge of various computer skills including C Programming and engineering fields like Electronics and Communications, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechatronics require a lot more programming skills.

Students pursuing these degrees need to learn these practical skills along with their curriculum. Students in Architecture, Automobile, Civil and Mechanical needs to learn some CAD related software that is used in designing models and simulating environments and systems. We provide an essential understanding of some of these very valuable software using which students in these branches of engineering can have a practical edge for their career.

Foreign Aspirants

In many foreign countries computer skills like programming, web development, data management, desktop publishing, animation, movie making, 3D modelling, security and online research are highly valuable.

Along with your core competency/skillset if an aspirant has one or more of these skills the chances of being placed or getting a better job opportunity in future increases heavily. So along with preparing for their respective tests students often take such courses at computer classes or learn them from someone with experience.

We provide a way that students can learn these courses such that their core preparation for tests don’t get affected and they can make use of their time in an efficient manner.