Benefits for Working Class


Working from Office

Most of jobs in offices today are becoming more and more computer intensive. Learning computer skills is no longer a "nice to have" thing it has become a "need to have" thing in today's information age.

Jobs in any field such as Government, Teaching, Clerical, Corporate, H.R., Finance/Banking, Sales & Marketing, Business Operations all require decent computer skills and these requirements are changing overtime and changing very quickly. Keeping up to date with job is not easy especially if one doesn’t have a computer background. Our courses can fill this gap providing a wide range of courses/skills as a supplement to stay ahead in the game.

Working on field

Because of the Mobile and Internet revolution field jobs in areas like Government, Stock keeping, Production, Maintenance, Sales, Order Management have also become heavily computer intensive.

Big enterprises have their own ERP systems which rely on Basic Understanding of many computer skills. Most training programs do not include these general skill set because it assumes those skills to be acquired by individuals themselves. We have a comprehensive suite of courses that will prepare people on the field so that it becomes easier for them to adapt to such IT intensive workflows.


Managing Business

In today’s business world information is as valuable as gold if not more, building and running a business has become very information driven. Though managers and technical labour does many of these work by themselves; having a basic understanding of the software and applications that’s been used within the business has become crucial in modern times.

We provide a wide range of courses that can help you in learning many things from basic computer operating to advance reporting and online collaboration. We think having these skills within your reach will provide a tremendous value in business management.

Creative Professionals

Almost all creative professionals today need to learn one or the other software program in order to fulfil their client’s demands.

Most of the people in the field learn these software on their own, our courses can help creative professionals in exploring new territories and expanding knowledge beyond just the software that they have learned as their core competency. Using the skills/knowledge we provide here one can also get into this field. So our courses are not only for the professionals already in this field but also for people who want a break in any of these creative professions.


IT Professionals

Information Technology industry has evolved so much over the past 5 years, especially in our country. It has grown year by year at a significant rate in the past and it is predicted that growth will be increased rapidly in coming years as well.

It has become clear that the skill set in IT industry need to be revised and re polished with time as new technologies are being rapidly adopted across various branches of the industry. We provide a way to acquire, revise or update the skills set needed in IT industry, let it be programming, web development, database management, emerging mobile development or security.